PK-5th Grade Literacy Library
Structured Literacy Screening & Early Intervention Written Expression Foundational Literacy Skills Complex Text

Structured Literacy

Structured literacy is a direct, comprehensive and carefully-sequenced approach to teaching reading and writing. Structured literacy is advantageous to all students and essential for those who have difficulty with reading and writing. Click to learn more about helping all students read and write using elements and methods of structured literacy. 

Screening & Early Intervention

Evidence-based, comprehensive core literacy instruction coupled with early identification and remediation of reading difficulties is key to preventing reading failure and ensuring that all students become good readers.

Learn more about universal screening and intervention within a multi-tiered system of supports.

Written Expression

Writing is an essential skill that plays a significant role in helping children become strong readers. Effective writing instruction can build strategic reading skills by enhancing vocabulary, comprehension, literacy knowledge, spelling abilities, and more. Learn more about how to support student growth in their written expression.

Foundational Literacy Skills

As the building blocks of literacy, foundational reading skills underpin success in reading, writing, and future learning across all content areas. Foundational reading instruction builds the following key skills that support accurate and fluent word recognition and spelling: phonological and print awareness, phonics, decoding, morphological awareness, and handwriting. Learn more about what research-based foundational skills instruction looks like in the classroom.

Complex Text

All students, regardless of reading ability, should regularly engage with complex text by listening or reading. Complex text offers opportunities for students to build academic language and knowledge about the world, both of which are essential to reading comprehension. Learn more about increasing students' access to rich, grade-level, and varied texts in school.