Literacy Advisory Council

The Literacy Advisory Council is a voluntary group of educational stakeholders from across Ohio who meet quarterly to (1) review the professional learning products, tools, and materials we develop and (2) provide guidance into the direction of the work for the future. The Literacy Advisory Council is made up of individuals with varying roles (e.g., local and regional educational providers, administrators, family members, researchers, teacher educators, community members, state leaders, national experts) who share their diverse perspectives to assist the ALL Ohio team in building high-quality and useable professional learning opportunities for Ohio’s educators.

Literacy Advisory Council Meetings

The Literacy Advisory Council serves as an advisory function to ensure the relevance, quality, and usefulness of the outputs we create and the outcomes we achieve when educators use our resources. The meetings include information sharing by the project teams, external consultants, and leaders from the Ohio Department of Education. The meetings also focus on product review and discussion by the Literacy Advisory Council’s members. These meetings provide a time and space for stakeholder voices to be heard and used to improve the professional learning opportunities provided to Ohio’s educators.

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The SDI Center team shared an overview of the literacy modules developed in the 2021-22 project year and the proposed direction of the modules for the 2022-23 year and into the future. Members provided input into the future directions and shared their viewpoints on which module topics should be a priority based on the needs in Ohio. The team also shared information about the first family literacy event in partnership with Cincinnati Public Schools and sought feedback from LAC members about how to meet the needs of families better. Finally, a panel of individuals who participated in one of the SDI Center’s literacy professional learning opportunities for the year shared their perspectives, and LAC members provided feedback on opportunities to achieve higher levels of quality in virtual professional learning opportunities.



6.15.22 LAC Final PPT

6.1522 LAC Breakout Room Questions

During the March 2022 LAC meeting, the project team provided an overview of the EBPs4ELs project, demonstrated the use of the Decision Rules Flowchart (DRF) application, and shared a module facilitator guide for feedback. LAC members provided input into the content and design of the DRF and module facilitator guide to improve the tools before use.

3.9.22 LAC Zoom Recording

3.9.22 LAC Agenda

3.9.22 LAC PPT Presentation

3.9.22 LAC  Breakout Group Feedback Form

The All Ohio project team provided an update on the Enhancing Evidence-Based Practices for English Learner Students (EBPs4ELs) project, the Collaboration Application (CoApp), and the Ohio Literacy Library’s Word Recognition: The Why of Phonics and the Explicit Vocabulary Instruction comprehensive learning modules. Literacy Advisory Council members engaged in small-group conversations to provide input into these products.



Literacy Advisory Council December 2021 PPT Presentation Final – No Video

Breakout 1 Focus Group Instructions and Assignments

Breakout 1A LAC Vocabulary Module Vetting Rubric

Breakout 1B LAC Word Recognition Part 1 Module Vetting Rubric

Breakout 1 Module Discussion Notetaking Form

Breakout 2 CoApp Activity

Breakout 2 CoApp Feedback for Video

Breakout 2 CoApp Discussion Notetaking Form

The All Ohio project team provided a model demonstration of the Decision Rules Flowchart application and the Ohio Literacy Library’s Simple View of Reading comprehensive learning module. Literacy Advisory Council members engaged in small-group conversations to provide input into these products.

Link to the September 2021 Literacy Advisory Council meeting recording

LAC September 2021 Meeting Summary_FINAL

LAC 9-22-21 Presentation


DRF Application Example Screenshots and Report

DRF Review Form_LAC Sept 22 Revised

OLL Simple View Module Feedback Form_LAC 9.22.Revised

During the June 2021 Literacy Advisory Council meeting, members engaged in a discussion about need, innovation, and resources to support adolescent literacy. Each member participated in a focus group to discuss a product they reviewed prior to the meeting. The Information Technology Solution Center also shared with the Literacy Advisory Council the status of the Collaboration Application (CoApp). Members broke into small groups to discuss the aspects of the application that they liked and ones that could be adapted to improve its quality, relevance, or usefulness to Ohio’s educators.

Link to the June 2021 Literacy Advisory Council meeting recording

LAC June 30 2021 Meeting Summary Final

June 2021 LAC Presentation Final Draft

6.30.21 LAC Agenda Revised Final

Collaboration Application Handout

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During the April 2021 Literacy Advisory Council meeting, we provided members with an overview of their role as members, the purpose of the OH V-LIFTS and AC-SEL projects and how they relate with and support Ohio’s efforts to improve literacy achievement, and obtained input into factors that can foster and impede uptake of the professional learning opportunities.

Link to the April 2021 Literacy Advisory Council meeting recording.

LAC April 2021 Meeting Notes_FINAL

LAC April Presentation Final

4.1.21 LAC Agenda

Collaboration Application (CoApp)



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