Primary: K-5 | Learning Modules

The Primary Literacy (PL) Series features a host of modules related to literacy essentials and instruction in kindergarten through fifth grade. The series is designed for any K-5 educator or related stakeholder that supports literacy achievement of primary-aged students. In this series, participants will gain knowledge about the science of reading and learn evidence-based practices to support the development of word recognition and language comprehension in an effort to ensure that every child becomes a skilled reader.

1. The Simple View of Reading

M1 Description

 The first module in the series outlines the key components necessary to produce the desired outcome of skilled reading and identifies effective practices that facilitate students gaining meaning from text.

2. The Why of Teaching Phonics & Word Recognition (Part 1)

M2 Description

This module explores the research and theoretical frameworks that underpin the critical importance that word recognition plays in the development of students’ ability to comprehend text.

3. The What of Teaching Phonics & Word Recognition (Part 2)

M3 Description

This module provides information about the components that are involved in strong phonics instruction contrasted with the common practices that do not fit into strong phonics instruction.

4. The How of Introducing Phonics Patterns (Part 3)

M4 Description

This module provides evidence-based practices that are essential in teaching a new phonics concept including the promotion of phonemic awareness, new skill introduction, practice opportunities, and encoding practice.

M5 Description

This module provides guidance on incorporating the science of reading within high-frequency word instruction including practices like phoneme-grapheme mapping, the heart-word technique, and practice activities.

M6 Description

This module provides knowledge and practices that will prepare educators to engage students in advanced word recognition including multisyllabic word instruction and word study.

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