Foundational Literacy | Learning Modules

The Foundational Literacy (FL) Series features modules related to literacy basics that are essential for students of all ages. The series is designed for any educator or related stakeholder that has a vested interest in supporting literacy achievement for all students. In this series, participants will learn about foundational concepts and understandings associated with becoming a proficient reader, common reading disabilities like dyslexia, and what to do when students are struggling to make progress towards becoming skilled readers.

1. The Simple View of Reading

M1 Description

 The first module in the series outlines the key components necessary to produce the desired outcome of skilled reading and identifies effective practices that facilitate students gaining meaning from text.

2. What is Structured Literacy?

M2 What is Structured Literacy?

The second module in this series explores the fundamentals of a structured literacy approach to teaching literacy skills. Learn the key content and instructional markers that make structured literacy an evidence-based approach to literacy instruction.

Coming June 1st: Screening & Intervention

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

M4 Description

This module outlines what dyslexia is and isn’t, characteristics across the lifespan, and evidence-based strategies demonstrated to help students with dyslexia.