Adolescent: 6-12​ | Learning Modules

The Adolescent Learner Literacy (AL) Series is intended for educators of adolescent learners in grades 6-12, and other related professionals who seek to further their knowledge on how to best support the literacy development of adolescents in a variety of settings. The series focuses on: (1) Word Recognition in Adolescents; (2) Teaching and Learning with Complex Texts; (3) Disciplinary Literacy; and (4) Literacy Screening and Intervention. Modules present evidence-based practices for supporting adolescents’ literacy development and language learning, providing educators with opportunities to reflect on their instructional practices and explore additional ways to incorporate these techniques into their contexts.

1. Explicit Vocabulary Instruction

Module Description

This module presents explicit vocabulary instruction as a method to improve adolescent literacy. It explores vocabulary’s impact on academic success, methods of directly teaching specific words, and the benefits of repeated practice for adolescent learners’ vocabulary development.

5. Extended Discussion of Text Meaning

Module Description

This module explores the benefits of engaging students in extended discussion of text meaning as a way to enhance adolescent learners’ literacy development.

6. Using Text Sets - Part 1

Module Description

This module presents the potential of text sets to build background knowledge and deepen student interest, nuanced understanding, and reading comprehension.

7. Using Text Sets - Part 2

Module Description

This module continues to explore text set creation and strategies for successful learning when using text sets.