5-Minute Family Literacy Routines

These 5 minute-routines are focused on the development of language and literacy skills to provide students with linguistic differences with equitable opportunities to succeed in school. Parents and/or caregivers can engage in meaningful conversations, storytelling, reading poetry, among other activities to support their children’s literacy in culturally affirming ways. If you are a teacher, these activities can help you create opportunities for parents to practice the content you are working on in your lessons. Each set is based on content developed in the learning modules from the All Ohio Literacy Learning Modules-Multilingual Series

Click on each box below to check out the resources to learn about simple literacy routines that you can use every day with your child. Come back every month to see the new routines you can use with your child in just 5 minutes a day.

After trying out these activities, click on this survey link and let us know which activities have been more effective/useful in helping your child learn language and literacy skills at home.