FL1. The Simple View of Reading

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The Simple View of Reading Module

The desired outcome of skilled reading is understanding and learning from text. To plan for and provide appropriate reading instruction, educators need to identify the basic components that are associated with reading comprehension. This module clarifies the broad skills needed for reading comprehension and identifies effective practices that facilitate readers gaining meaning from text (est. completion time: 2.5 hours).

  • The Simple View of Reading
    • Navigation and Learning Objectives
    • Pre-Assessment
    • Introduction
    • What is the Simple View of Reading?
    • The Simple View of Reading in the Classroom
    • It’s Simple and Complex
    • The Changing Emphasis
    • Developing Word Recognition Skills
    • Developing Language Comprehension Skills
    • Implications for Educational Practice
    • Summing It Up
    • Post-Assessment
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This first course in the Ohio Literacy Library provides an overview of the elements of reading associated with reading proficiency.

Module Description

Nearly every day, educators encounter students who struggle to read classroom materials and comprehend what they read. Reading difficulties are common in students at all grade levels, and if not remediated, are associated with poor academic performance and adverse post-secondary outcomes (Salinger, 2011). Raising low literacy achievement has been a long-term challenge. Despite diligent improvement efforts in schools and countless federal and state mandates aimed at improving literacy, over 60% of children in Ohio and the nation are still not reading proficiently (National Assessment of Educational Progress, 2019). Although educators have completed years of college coursework, many continue to feel at a loss for how to help students at all levels learn to read proficiently. Fortunately, we now know what to do to help students become skillful readers (Fletcher et al., 2019; Kilpatrick, 2015; Seidenberg, 2009).

This first module aims to provide you with an overview of a widely accepted reading model known as the Simple View of Reading. The Simple View clarifies those elements of reading associated with reading proficiency. Potentially, the Simple View of Reading can serve as a guide for determining what skilled readers do well and the weaknesses that lead to reading comprehension problems. By completing this module, we hope you will gain the necessary background knowledge to continue with further modules that delve deeper into best classroom practices in literacy instruction.

Potentially, the Simple View of Reading can serve as a guide for determining what skilled readers do well and the weaknesses that lead to reading comprehension problems. 

Although some of this information may differ from what you have previously learned about reading development, we urge you to keep an open mind. Science is ever-evolving, and with new brain scan imaging and research from multiple fields, we now know more than ever before about how individuals learn to read. Be at ease knowing that this module is grounded in reading science and aligned with Ohio’s Language and Literacy Vision described in Ohio’s Plan to Raise Literacy Achievement.

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