The Components of Word Recognition

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The Components of Word Recognition

This module presents information about the components of word recognition and the considerations that need to be made in this area for the reading development of English Learners (ELs) (est. completion time: 2 hours).

  • The Components of Word Recognition 
    • Navigation and Learning Objectives
    • Pre-Assessment
    • An Introduction to Word Recognition
    • The Components of Word Recognition
    • Implications for Assessment and Instruction
    • Factors that Impact Word Recognition for English Learners
    • Summing it Up
    • Post-Assessment
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Completion of Word Recognition: The Why of Phonics comprehensive learning module.

Module Description

The content of this module is designed to assist all educators, including ESOL teachers, help their English Learners reach reading proficiency. The following topics are discussed in module texts, linked resources, and embedded audio and videos:

  • The meaning of word recognition
  • The connection between English Learners and The Simple View of Reading and Scarborough’s Rope
  • Challenges that English Learners can face with word recognition 
  • Considerations of the first language and past literacy experiences of English Learners to assist with word recognition development
  • Persistent word recognition difficulties in English Learners

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