Alphabet Knowledge in Early Childhood: The Why and the What

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Teaching Alphabet Knowledge in Early Childhood: The Why and the What

Welcome to the early childhood Alphabet Knowledge Module! This is the ___ module in a six-part series that explores the foundational knowledge needed to support diverse young learners in various settings. Specifically, this module allows you to expand your alphabet knowledge and apply it through reflection and engaging activities! (est. completion time: 2 hours).

  • Alphabet Knowledge in Early Childhood: The Why and the What
    • Navigation and Learning Objectives
    • Pre-Assessment: Alphabet Knowledge 
    • Introduction: A is for Alphabet Knowledge
    • Components of Alphabet Knowledge
    • Zoom in on Alphabet Knowledge 
    • Summing it Up
    • Post-Assessment: Alphabet Knowledge
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Module Description

This module introduces the foundations of literacy development by addressing the why and what of alphabet knowledge. Letter names, letter-sound correspondences, and emergent writing are the focus, with an emphasis on activities that can be easily implemented in the natural environment (i.e., home, classroom, community). The following topics are included in module text, linked resources, and embedded audio and videos: 

  • Identifying letter names
  • Engaging actively with symbols and letters to represent sounds
  • Describing alphabet knowledge and its connection to spoken language 
  • Identifying letter-sound correspondences
  • Linking symbols and sounds to pre-writing tasks
  • Providing repeated practice opportunities
  • Reflecting on your perspectives regarding alphabetic knowledge

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