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Conference Posters and Presentations

Sivira-Gonzalez., Y., & Shin, J. (2023, Dec.1). Family Literacy in Dual Immersion Schools. Ohio Dual Language Summit, Columbus, OH, United States.

  • ALLOHIO is all about supporting multilingual learners, their families, and multilingualism! Check out our efforts in creating and promoting five-minute language/literacy activities for multilingual families at the Ohio Dual Language Summit. Click on Family Literacy Routines to review materials. 

Storie, S. O., Giammarco, S., & Ottley, J. R. (2023, Dec. 1). Literacy Learning for All [Conference session]. Division for Early Childhood Conference, Minneapolis, MN, United States.

  • Literacy is equity! Literacy opens doors, opportunities, and a whole new world to children. Learn about what evidence-based literacy instruction looks like and explore our open-access professional learning resources to improve literacy teaching and learning for all children. Click on Literacy Learning for All Slides to review materials. 

Giammarco, S., & Mattson, Renee. (2023, Oct. 20). The ABCs of Alphabet Knowledge [Conference session]. 4C for Early Childhood Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.

  • Every early childhood educator needs to know the ABCs of alphabet knowledge! In this presentation, learn what research has to say about the what, why, and how of teaching alphabet knowledge to young children ages 3-5.Click on ABCs of Alphabet Knowledge Slideshow to review materials. Click on the Explicit Alphabet Learning Handout to review related materials.

Howley, A., Ottley, J.R., Giammarco, S. (2023, Oct. 19). ALL Ohio Literacy On-line PD: Opportunities and Challenges [Conference session]. Midwest Educational Research Association Conference, Cincinnati, OH, United States.

  • This paper presentation shared insights resulting from the evaluation of an Ohio-specific professional development (PD) project positioned to prepare teachers to use structured literacy methods grounded in the science of reading. The evaluation provided evidence of the likely value of the combined PD opportunity with participant satisfaction and post-assessment gains. Learn more about our findings! Click on ALL Ohio Literacy Online PD to review the slides. 

Capin, P., Weber-Mayrer, Ottley, J.R., Powell, S., Hessler, T., Munger, M.H., & Brobeck, D. (2023, October). A Statewide Initiative to Implement Evidence-Based, High-Dosage Tutoring in Ohio. Panel presented at International Dyslexia Association (DyslexiaCon23), Columbus, OH.

Sivira-Gonzalez., Y. (2023, Oct.1). Family Literacy Routines: Promoting Language and Literacy Learning at Home. International Dyslexia Association (IDA 2023) Reading, Literacy and Learning Conference, Columbus, OH, United States.

  • This poster presentation shared a new initiative from the UC-SDI to support the development of language and literacy skills in multilingual families. We provided possibilities for parents and/or caregivers to engage in meaningful conversations and activities to bolster their children’s literacy in culturally affirming ways. Click on IDA 2023 Family Literacy Routines to review materials. 

Conway, J., Giammarco, S., & Shin, J. (2023, June 9). ALL Ohio Literacy Library [Poster presentation]. Ohio Council for Exceptional Children Conference, Canton, Ohio, United States.

  • The ALL Ohio Literacy Library houses an array of open-access, comprehensive learning module series for education professionals serving students from birth through 12th grade. In this presentation, we shared the benefits of ALL Ohio professional learning, interactive features of our modules, and the various series participants can choose to engage in. Click on ALL Ohio Literacy Library to review materials. 

Ottley, J.R., Shin, J. & Flint, J. (2023, April 12). Advancing Literacy Learning in Ohio: Preliminary Outcomes from Cohort 1 of the Multilingual Learner Series [Poster Presentation]. NPD Project Director’s Meeting, Office of English Language Acquisition, Arlington, VA, United States.

  • ALLOHIO is leading the work of empowering educators and multilingual learners across the state! We have an ever-growing online module series on evidence-based practices that support multilingual learners’ literacy development. Find out what we accomplished just in a year! Click on Advancing Literacy Learning in Ohio to review materials.

Professional Papers

Howley, A., Ottley, J.R., & Giammarco, S. (Submitted). ALL Ohio literacy online PD: opportunities and challenges.

Ottley, J. R., Smith, S., Giammarco, S., Sebastian, L., Schweitzer-Smith, M., Barnes, J. C., Bonecutter, J., Sivira-Gonzalez, Y., Garcia-Salas, M., & Clifton, J. (2024). All students can excel with AC-SEL.