ODE Support

Support from the Ohio Department of Education

None of this work could have been actualized without the support and partnership of the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). The ODE Office for Exceptional Children funded the OH V-LIFTS and AC-SEL grants to develop the web-based professional learning systems for primary and adolescent educators. The ODE Office for Exceptional Children also funds the Ohio Deans Compact. The Ohio Deans Compact supports two professional learning opportunities for faculty and staff from Ohio’s institutions of higher education to build their capacity to effectively instruct teacher candidates in the principles and practices aligned with the science of reading. These two projects are the P20 Literacy Collaborative and the LETRS Professional Development. The diagram below shows the connections among the Systems Development & Improvement Center’s literacy-related grants.

ODE leadership and staff from the Office for Exceptional Children, Office of Approaches to Teaching and Professional Learning, and Office of Integrated Student Supports participate in multiple aspects of the work, including serving on the Literacy Advisory Council, developing content for the Ohio Literacy Library, leading live training sessions for the LETRS Professional Development, and connecting our team with individuals and groups who are leading literacy in Ohio and across the nation.

ODE Partnerships